Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Give me some attitude!

As I writer, I find myself falling back on favourite phrases to describe certain situations, circumstances,  or even when setting scenes. I hate it when I read a book in which the author overuses particular descriptive phrases, and find myself yelling aloud about incompetent copy editors.

With that failing in mind, over the years I've developed my own personal  collection of words and phrases to fit different situations. I have a whole page of expressions, another one for eyes. Yet another is simply headed sexual which...er, covers a multitude of sins - quite literally.

One of my favourites, though, is attitudes. Here's a few of the phrases I've corralled under that heading.

Epicurean complacency

Sardonically amused

Elegantly rumpled - that's a good one. Kind of contradictory, don't you think?

How about - mild derision? I find that one especially useful.

Then there's another old favourite - arrogant assumption of superiority

If you didn't know that I write historical as well as contemporary fiction, I guess that list has given me away.

Anyone got more suggestions to add to my list?



  1. Wendy, what fun! I especially like the sardonically amused, though it definitely brings a picture to mind: the quizzing glass held to his eye?

  2. Yes, a bad hero who's just waiting for the right woman to show him the way!

    Thanks for stopping by.