Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Name of the Game

It won't surprise you to learn that I dreamed up the title for my upcoming romantic suspense release whilst at an Abba Tribute band concert. It works well because the book is about two people who have more than just horses in common. Matt is CEO of the family business that employs Ashley. Instantly attracted toward one another, they must keep their affair a secret until takeover talks allow them to be themselves.

Matters escalate when Matt's 'estranged' wife pitches up at the office - pregnant. Ashley fights back, placing herself in danger when she uncovers ugly secrets in Matt's family that others will go to any lengths to keep private. With the ultimate prize of control of the company at stake, some people will stop at nothing and Ashley's caught in the cross fire.

For Ashely it's more than just a's simply a case of fighting for the man she loves.

The Name of the Game = Available from SirenBookStrand - March 2012


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