Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Letter Boxes - Regency Style

We're touring the West Country right now and our latest stop is the lovely, unspoiled Lyme Regis. Lyme is famous for its Cob that featured in The French Lieutenant's Woman. Less well known is the fact that Jane Austen spent two seasons in a charming town that's changed little over time.

We're staying at the original Post Office, now turned into a guest house. Jane wrote to her sister Cassandra whilst in Lyme and would have posted her letter in the box that still survives and which I'm leaning against in this picture. I'm hoping some of her genius will rub off on me!

Can anyone explain why there are both vertical and horizontal slots in the box?



  1. I didn't know they had letter boxes in JA's time -thought they came with the advent of envelopes and stamps. Always wondered how mail got sent.

  2. Have a great time! As for the letter box, no idea. x

  3. Yes, Fenella,I wondered about postal services too. I guess they had to be posted and/or delivered to a collection point somehow.

    Thanks, Pauline, we are enjoying ourselves. Will be in Spain again on Sunday.

  4. Lyme Regis is a beautiful place, I'm in Taunton at the moment for a couple of weeks then back home to Madeira, hope the weather holds out for you.....