Thursday, 7 March 2013

The written word becomes spoken

I walk every day with my dog and seldom see another person – albeit jogger, dog walker, cyclist or the like, who doesn’t have ear phones plugged in. And what about long car journeys? They’re seldom undertaken in silence, either.

In walk/cycle/journey entertainment doesn’t have to be restricted to music and now that e-books are an established part of our lives, people seem to be catching on to audio books. Well, I hope they are because my first contemporary novel, A Class Apart, published by SirenBookStrand, ihas also been released as an audio book by Audiolark. Don't you just love this cover?

It’s very exciting being involved in the process. It started with me listening to a demo voice speaking my words and bringing them beautifully to life. It made me shiver and, don’t laugh, left me wanting to know what happened next!

My first love is historical romance and I have more than a dozen books published in that genre. Hardly surprising then that my first shot at a contemporary features modern-day aristocrats. Yes, we still have them in England – think Wills and Kate. Unlike our lovely new first couple, a lot of them behave very badly!
In A Class Apart The only way for Lady Octavia Radleigh’s grandfather to pay off crippling debts is to sell their ancestral home. Octavia vows that Jake Bentley, a self-made financial guru, will never get his hands on Radleigh, and she sets about turning it into an upmarket hotel. All she has to do is persuade Jake to finance the venture.

Jake dislikes everything Octavia stands for, but he's backed into a corner and has no choice but to finance her crazy scheme. When someone sabotages Octavia’s efforts and she turns to Jake for advice, they finally discover release for their pent-up passion in one another's arms.

Embroiled in a bitter tangle of resentment and paranoia, Jake must race against time to save Octavia from her own folly before Radleigh is lost to them both...

A Class Apart available as an e-book or in print from SirenBookStrand or
And as an audio book from Audiolark
There really is no escape!

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