Thursday, 13 October 2011

Happy Birthday Aurora Regency!

My childhood home is just a stone’s throw from Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s famous Island retreat. It’s quite a place and offers tantalizing glimpses into the private lives of privileged Victorians. Prince Albert’s bathroom in particular springs to mind. The panels that slide closed across the bath look respectable from the outside. Inside they’re covered with frescos portraying scenes from an orgy. And they say the Victorians were straight-laced. Naughty old Albie!

What has that to do with Aurora Regency? Nothing. But it says a lot about the influences that surrounded me as a kid, feeding my love of history as well as my imagination. But Although the Victorians fascinate me, as a writer I gravitated towards the colourful Regency period because it gave me so much more scope. My first two books in that genre, published a few years back by a house in England, have been given an expect once-over by the talented editing team at Musa Publishing. Lady Hartley’s Inheritance hit the digital bookshelves today and Duty’s Destiny will follow along on November 11.
In Lady Hartley’s Inheritance Clarissa Hartley, a country-loving widow, visits London. She stays with her godmother, even though she thoroughly disapproves of her son, Luc Deverill, the Earl of Newbury, who appears to lead a life of idle dissipation. When she learns that a son she didn’t know her late husband had father is claiming her inheritance for himself, she fears she has lost everything. Luc, suspecting fraud, steps in. Together he and Clarissa delve deeper into the suspected scam, little expecting that they will come to admire one another, much less feel an attraction that just won’t be denied…

Viscount Felix Western, helps his close friend Luc to get to the bottom of things, unaware that he will soon have problems of his own to tangle with. In Duty’s Destiny he learns that his father’s shipping line is being used to smuggle ex-slaves into England, where they once again find themselves in servitude. Felix suspects that Saskia Eden is helping her father to perpetrate this dreadful trade but as soon as he meets her, he immediately has doubts. Befriended by her young twins, he gets drawn into her life, and dangers that threaten their lives and liberty…

You can read the entire first chapter of both books on my website

To celebrate Aurora Regency’s first birthday, I’m giving away a copy of both books to one lucky reader. All you have to do is:

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2.       Follow this blog and leave a message to say you’ve done so.

Good luck and thanks for your interest in Aurora Regency and my books. The next stop on the tour is with talented author Marguerite Butler at


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  1. Great Blog Wendy

  2. Well, I am super jealous that you live so close to the wonderful sights of Regency England. I have to look at pictures! I too have been a junkie since my youth. Looking forward to getting updates on your blog. I haven't seen a follow by email before. That is even more convenient!

  3. Thanks so much Erato and Arley for stopping by and for your kind comments.

  4. Very cool blog Wendy! I'm following it now and can't wait to see your updates. Thank you for being a part of this contest!

  5. Thanks, Teresa, I so appreciate your support.

  6. Am a new follower. Posted on FB(Sue Brandes)too. Enjoyed your post. Would love to visit England.
    Sue B

  7. Thanks, Katsrus. England does have a lot going for it. I hope you get there one day.

  8. Beautiful covers, Wendy. I "liked" you on FB and now am off to the next blog.

  9. Hi Wendy! I didn't know about your books at Aurora! Now I'll have more to read from you! I love to learn the historical tibits and the like! I remember first time reading about 'May Day' and looking up about it to find a picture and was so neat! I learn lots from what I read and in a fun way! I'm following you here and Facebook!

    cathiecaffey @

  10. Thanks, Caffey. Great to see you here.

  11. I visited England nearly 20 years ago. It was beautiful with such an amazing history. I would love to return and check out that naughty bathroom!

  12. I think there was an awful lot more going on behind that prim Victorian facade than we'll ever know, Sara, but as novelists, what's to stop us making educated guesses!

  13. Just hopping through --- Wendy, your books sound wonderful and are definitely going on my wish list.

    Following the blog - Lori Zalewski
    Facebook - Lori Kraft Zalewski

    knitrix29 at gmail dot com

  14. I love the mystery mixed with the romance! I am looking forward to reading more. I enjoyed your personal story as well. Nothing is ever as it seems, is it?

  15. Thanks, Kerry. No, I guess we're all different, which makes life interesting.

  16. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway. I left you a message on your FB wall... ;)
    New follower too.

  17. Thanks, Sebrina. Hope you enjoyed the blog tour.