Monday, 31 October 2011

Unfinished Business

When you first pick up a book, can you figure out if an author’s writing about something that’s familiar to him? Personally, I think it’s usually possible to tell. A certain authority springs from the page and you think yeah, this guy knows his stuff.  Besides, it’s fairly natural for a writer to gravitate towards a subject dear to his heart. Apart from anything else, it saves on a hell of a lot of research.

That’s how my series of marine crime mysteries came about. It’s the marine bit that I’m familiar with, in case you’re wondering, not the crime! We’ve owned boats for years and I’ve spent endless hours at sea, looking at…well, the sea, and wondering, what if?

Cue drum role as I introduce Charlie Hunter, star of The Hunter Files, the first of which, Unfinished Business, has just been published by Carina Pres. Charlie, forty and recently divorced, retires from the police force so he can work on his boat and go fishing with his son on weekends. He has no intention of becoming an amateur sleuth but when Kara Webb tracks him down, seeking his help to find her sister, missing for 15 years, he can’t refuse her.

The disappearance of teenaged Jasmine Webb was one of the first cases Charlie worked on after being made a detective. He’s never forgotten it or his suspicions, even after the girl’s parents told police they’d heard from her and the file on Jasmine was closed.

When Charlie’s son is threatened, finding Jasmine becomes even more important. It’s no longer just about closure, he must also protect his family. That makes the constant dead ends all the more frustrating. Only when Charlie asks himself not where Jasmine is but who she’s become does it start to make sense…

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Unfinished Business by W. Soliman. Available from Carina Press at or  $5.49

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W. Soliman


  1. That's a great cover for Unfinished Business.

  2. Thanks, I think so too. Very atmospheric.

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