Monday, 16 July 2012

How would you answer?

I came across these ten questions for authors that someone asked me to answer recently so thought I'd reproduce them here. How would you answer them? Make me laugh by posting a whacky answer to just one of them and I'll give a copy of my latest Hunter Files Mystery, Risky Business, to the winner.

1) A short paragraph on what you write about and the genre, please?

I started life as an author writing regency romance. I now write contemporaries, too, and also a series of marine crime mysteries. You can find me at and

2) What is a typical writing session like, in 300 characters or fewer?

No such thing. Every day varies. I have to clear the decks, so to speak, get all the boring daily stuff out of the way first – like cleaning, shopping or whatever – then the rest of the day’s mine and I can lose myself in a world of my own creation.

3) Women: underwire or banded?
Underwired. I’m an inverted pear-shape so carry most of my weight up top! Enough said.

4) If you use a pen name, why? If you don't, do you worry about stalkers?

I write my contemporaries and marine crime novels as W. Soliman, just so that readers of my regencies don’t get confused. I’m certainly not trying to hide who I am – far from it. Stalkers? Just let 'em try!

5) What is the oddest thing about your writing or the way you write?

Went to an Abba tribute band concert a while back and as they sang ‘The Name of the Game’ I thought it would be a great title for a book. (Us writers are never off duty!). That book has now been published.

6) Give us a glimpse into how you choose the names of your characters, please?

If I’m writing regencies I refer to my Penguin book of names and then check on line to make sure the name I choose existed in the time period I’m writing about. A Lady Jenna wouldn’t really cut it! With contemporaries, I usually just choose names that I think fit the personality of the character I’ve created, or a name that I like, but with nineteen published books under my belt, I’m running out of those.

7) Any thoughts on staying healthy while pursuing such a sedentary career?

I walk – fast - at least an hour and a quarter every day with my dog. (A great activity for plotting, by the way), I pump iron at the gym twice a week and have just acquired a push bike.

8) Dogs or cats, and why?

I love all animals but have had dogs for years. My latest is a rescuee from a shelter in Spain. Here he is in all his loveliness. We paid more than the price of a business class seat to have him flown out to Florida, where we spend half the year. Couldn’t be without him and didn’t think twice about the expense, which is more than can be said for my husband, who had to foot the bill! He's still in therapy, trying to get over the shock!

9) If you research, what's your method? If you don't, how do you get away with that?

I mostly use the internet for research but also have an impressive library of research books, mostly centred on the regency period.

10) What is the most interesting or outrageous comment you've heard/read about your writing?

When my first book was accepted for publication, someone very close to me who ought to have known better, asked if I was actually being paid for it!

Come on then all your writers out there. Choose a question and post the answer here. One of you will win a copy of Risky Business.
Good luck!



  1. Hi Wendy,

    What a great idea to get to know you better!

    I'll answer a few. I write Regency and a bit of contemporary too. Less than 300 characters in a writing session means I've had to leave to wipe a bum or clean cat chuck off the lino. Or wipe the cat's bum and clean up the kiddy chuck. I prefer no wire now but only because my chesticles are full of silicon and can stand up on their own =) and the most exercise I get is when I walk from the desk to the car and then from the car to the gate at school or the shop, then there's the hike back to the car again! I love cats, hate research and almost always say outrageous enough comments all on my own.

    How'd I do?


  2. You're doing just fine, Bronwyn. A tough act to follow. Let's see if anyone dares!

  3. Great questions and answers. Like you, I would have also paid to have my dog with me as well. They are just so much a part of the family.

    As for answering one of the questions myself?

    7) Any thoughts on staying healthy while pursuing such a sedentary career?

    Copious amounts of tea. Apparently it staves off all ills. So along with the heavy lifting of biscuits to mouth, I'm filling myself with good old fashioned anti-oxidants :)

  4. Copious sympathy for the weight of the biscuits. Love it!