Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Duke's Legacy

It's taken me a long time to take the plunge, but at last I've dipped my toe into the world of self-publishing. The Duke's Legacy is a book I originally wrote over five years ago and recently the rights were returned to me. I thought it would just take a quick re-write and I'd be on my way to fame as a self-published author.

Unfortunately for my schedule, I didn't stop to consider that I might have grown as a write in the interim. Even if I had known, I never would have imaged how differently I do things now. All that telling and not showing that I did back then...it made me shudder. All the unnecessary adverbs and general over-writing was a nightmare to get rid of.

Hopefully The Duke's Legacy, the product of two weeks-worth of continuous re-writing, is a vast improvement. The cover certainly is!

Regencies are my first love and I particularly like this one. As sole heir to the late Duke of Penrith's vast estate, Abigail Carstairs suspects that someone's trying to kill her for her fortune. In desperation she turns to the notorious Lord Sebastian Denver for help.

Unable to deny a lady in distress, Sebastian inveigles his way into Abbey's hunting lodge, where all the prime suspects are gathered. Distracted by his growing attraction towards Abbey, he's unprepared when a further attempt is made on her life, right in front of him. Infuriated, Sebastian lays a daring trap for her aggressors, pitting his wits against theirs in a race against time to keep her safe...

The Duke's Legacy available now from Amazon.com for just $1.99 http://bit.ly/XRdnA7


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